Linux Professional Institute Launches Live Level 1 Exams

The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) has announced the live and complete publication of both of its level 1 exams, which are now available for immediate pass-fail results. Completion of these exams is required to obtain LPI's first-level Linux certification.

The exams have been designed to be neutral of Linux distributions and training suppliers, and can be taken at any of the 2400 VUE testing centres worldwide. LPI has already started on the development of exams for its Level 2 certification, and plans to make foreign translations available soon. LPI is a community project that involves hundreds of volunteers and professionals in many different capacities, and encourages public involvement through mailing lists and its website. Major financial sponsors include Caldera Systems, IBM, Linuxcare, Maxspeed, SGI, SuSE Linux AG and TurboLinux, as well as Hewlett-Packard and Wave Technologies. More information can be obtained at