ICS makes Motif defect database publicly accessible

Integrated Computer Solutions (ICS) has made the Motif defect database publicly accessible on its Motif community website. The OSF/Motif toolkit is used extensively by corporate developers to create custom, mission critical applications that are not available off-the-shelf. It is the industry standard user interface toolkit on UNIX based systems and is experiencing substantial growth in popularity on Linux as corporate developers migrate their applications, tools, and programming skills to Linux.

ICS invested several months in reformatting, hiding identities of submitters and their companies, and loading the defect reports into Bugzilla, a popular open source bug tracking system first made available by Netscape's Mozilla project. The defect database tracks problems across all releases of OSF/Motif from version 0.7 to the current Open Motif 2.1.30 release. The number of reported defects is low for the complexity and breadth of a product such as Motif, making it a natural complement to the existing public access provided to the Open Motif source code on the MotifZone. This database demonstrates the stability and maturity of the toolkit and promotes open access, a critical success factor in Open Motif being embraced by open source developers.