MandrakeSoft: Retail Domination and Achievement of Excellence

During the third quarter of 2000, MandrakeSoft was #1 in sales volume in the US with 31.5% in July and 35% in August and September. The company has recently opened two new international offices and appointed top executives to drive its global expansion. Impressive retail sales figures for its award-winning products combined with recognized prominent and professional leadership and worldwide implementation, position MandrakeSoft as a driving force within the new open software and services movement. The French Industry Minister's official visit to the MandrakeSoft office in Paris on December 6 reinforces the growing importance of Open-Source in the European public sector and MandrakeSoft's leadership position. Retail Domination and Achievement of Excellence From January through September 2000, the Linux-Mandrake distribution was ranked first in US retail sales: Linux-Mandrake 28.8% Red Hat (RHAT) 28.7% Corel (CORL) 14.4% SuSe 9% Turbo Linux 6% Caldera (CALD) 5.8% Others 6.3% Figures: PC Data Although official figures are currently unavailable for Europe, Linux-Mandrake's retail sales have soared 357% to 32,074 units in the period October 99 to September 2000, compared to 8,910 for the previous corresponding period. An Expanding International Team With its workforce already spanning twenty different nationalities, MandrakeSoft builds on its internationalism and its ability to deliver Open Source service offerings to the small and medium enterprise and public sectors with the recent appointment of two experienced international executives: Robert Winslow joins MandrakeSoft as WorldWide VP of Sales & Marketing. Mr. Winslow began his career at International Business Machines (IBM) where, between 1980-1992, he managed a $200 million business across 90 countries.

In 1992, Mr. Winslow joined Talegen Holdings as Director of Sales and Marketing to assist in restructuring this conglomerate insurance company. In 1995, he joined SS&C Technologies (SSNC) as the Senior VP of Sales. Most recently, he has held the position of VP of Sales for Notara, a business to business Application Service Provider (ASP). John B. Corey Jr. joins MandrakeSoft as the new CIO. Mr. Corey has worked in the computer industry since 1979. Co-author of Hewlett Packard's Unix standard (called HP-UX), he spent seven years at Hewlett Packard (HP).

Joining NeXT, Mr. Corey coordinated technical migration of the NeXT platform to IBM hardware. Most recently, he has spent several years with the IT department of Swiss Bank Corporation in London. Currently residing in London, Mr. Corey has joined MandrakeSoft to lead the new open eServices initiatives. With A Growing International Community Of Developers And Customers, Mandrakesoft Opens New Offices. Expanding its presence from Paris, France and Altadena, California, Mandrakesoft has recently opened two new offices. The Berkeley, California offices will host the US Sales, Marketing and Services group. The Montreal offices will enable Mandrakesoft to offer physical space to the growing North American open source developer community.