CSA Coventive MSC Showcases Embedded Technology in Information Appliances at Linuxworld Malaysia 2000

CSA Coventive MSC SDN BHD, a joint venture between CSA (Malaysia) BHD and Xchannel Ltd, a subsidiary of Coventive Technologies Inc, officially announced its incorporation at Linux World Malaysia 2000 event. The company is making its advent into the embedded technology within the information appliances market. CSA Coventive MSC's charter is to develop and advance embedded technology built around Coventive's XTinux Linux OS kernel, which has extended to solutions for the information appliance marketplace. The company has already invested in a dedicated R&D team to ensure that its embedded technology is developed and marketed as viable solutions for information appliances, which will benefit not only the Malaysian but also the global IA market. Along with the incorporation announcement, CSA Coventive MSC's CEO, David Goh, delivered a group keynote speech with Intel on "How the Malaysian government's `E-Government' initiative will benefit from Linux and its related embedded technologies.".

The company showcased its embedded Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) server and high availability (HA) gateway products at the event. CSA Coventive MSC demonstrated XTinux's capabilities and features in embedded technology via information appliance prototypes and devices built on Intel's StrongARM platform. The company also showcased quality thin-server solutions, which uses embedded Linux technology consisting of Coventive's XTinux operating environment & tools. Solutions exhibited included appliance servers supporting cost-effective web, email, FTP, File, Print, & Firewall functionalities. Servers supporting XLinux multi-lingual operating environment and applications completed the range of embedded technology solution demonstrations from the CSA Coventive MSC.