MontaVista bridges gap between proprietary and open source embedded platforms with VxWorks-to-Linux tool kit

MontaVista has announced a tool that allows developers to run legacy embedded code on Linux platform using VxWorks virtual machine. The tool emulates key system calls and behaviors of the VxWorks kernel on a standard Linux platform with minimal changes to or substitution of header files. This tool is a declaration of independence for designers who are no longer tied to a single-vendor, proprietary solution. MontaVista has established a reputation for bridging the gap between proprietary and open source embedded platforms. The VxWorks-to-Linux tool kit is available today as freely available source on the MontaVista Software FTP site and from the open source project site. It will also be bundled with the Hard Hat Linux Professional Developers Kit, with targeted and supported pre-built packages for each of the MontaVista target embedded processors.