KDE 2.1-beta2 Released: New Theme Manager, Image Viewer and IDE

The KDE Team has announced the release of KDE 2.1-beta2, a powerful and modular Linux desktop that offers new features such as a theme manager, image viewer, and IDE.

This is the last planned beta release before the scheduled release on February 19th, 2001. KDE 2.1 includes a number of additions, enhancements, and fixes over KDE 2.0.1. The source packages for KDE 2.1-beta2 are available for free download at http://ftp.kde.org/unstable/distribution/2.1beta2/tar/generic/src/ or in the equivalent directory at one of the many KDE ftp server mirrors. Some distributors provide binary packages of KDE 2.1-beta2 for certain versions of their distribution, which can be found under http://ftp.kde.org/unstable/distribution/2.1-beta2/rpm/. KDE is an independent, collaborative project by hundreds of developers worldwide to create a sophisticated and customizable desktop environment.