Virtutech and AMD Develop High-Performance x86-64 Simulator for Software Development

Virtutech and AMD have jointly developed and validated a high-performance x86-64 simulator, codenamed 'VirtuHammer', to aid software developers in testing and debugging their 64-bit software for AMD's next-generation processors. The simulator enables standard x86 processor-based computers running either the Microsoft Windows 2000 or Linux operating systems to operate as a 'virtual' x86-64 technology-based computer, providing a fast simulation environment that operates approximately 100 times faster than the AMD SimNow! software for simulating execution of x86-64 instructions. The simulator includes debugging features such as complex breakpoints, arbitrary watchpoints, scripting environment allowing the creation of test frameworks, and a machine description language and application programming interface (API) to add new devices or specialized functionality. Virtutech's Simics software is used in this simulator. AMD has already begun delivering VirtuHammer simulators to targeted software partners, helping ensure they have the resources, time, and support required to develop 64-bit operating systems, tools and applications for the Hammer family of processors.