ViaVoice Integration with Qt: Simplifying Speech Input on Linux Desktop Applications

Trolltech, IBM, and KDE are teaming up at LinuxWorld to demonstrate IBM's ViaVoice speech-recognition technology running on Trolltech's Qt, a cross-platform C++ GUI framework in the K Desktop Environment. The technology preview will be running during the entire show at Trolltech's Booth, No. 1557 at LinuxWorld, which will be held at the Jacob Javitz Convention Center January 31 through February 2, 2001. ViaVoice on Qt supports TTS (text to speech), in which the system can read any kind of text input and translate it into speech; and a function that allows programmers to define a 'grammar' in BNF format. The engine will then recognize phrases that match the grammar, e.g., special input modes for dates or numbers such as 'Monday, the first of June' or 'two thousand one hundred and seventy five.'