SuSE Linux Launches Consulting Services for IT Infrastructure and Clustering Solutions

SuSE Linux Ltd has launched its Consulting Services organization, which provides information technology consulting throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. The consultants provide Linux, open-source, and integrated (open and proprietary) solutions on a wide range of different hardware platforms, including Intel, Alpha, PowerPC, and IBM's S/390 mainframe. SuSE's consulting services are primarily focused around systems-level architecture, IT infrastructure, and clustering. The focus is on core network services, high-performance web serving, firewall implementations, corporate Internet/Email server infrastructure, high-performance database solutions, heterogeneous system integration and migration.

Clustering solutions cover a broad spectrum of technologies, including high-performance computer clustering and load-balanced throughput clustering. SuSE's Consulting Services also provide solutions for high-availability clusters to drastically improve reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) for mission-critical IT services. The UK Consulting Services team forms a key part of SuSE's worldwide Professional Services organizations. With access to over one hundred and fifty in-house open-source developers and consultants, SuSE's Professional Services can provide an unparalleled level of technical expertise in the use of open-source software in business today.