Enables Building and Testing of Open Source Applications on Alpha and Tru64 UNIX

The Open Source Development Network (OSDN) has announced the availability of Compaq's AlphaServer platforms with the Tru64 UNIX and Linux operating systems on the CompileFarm. The CompileFarm is a unique service that allows developers to build and test applications on multiple versions of Linux, BSD, and UNIX operating systems over the internet at no cost. This collaboration between OSDN and Compaq will provide developers with broader access to AlphaServer Linux and Tru64 UNIX platforms for the development and testing of open source software applications. currently supports more than 110,000 registered users and over 15,000 software projects, including major projects such as MySQL, Tcl, Python, XFree86, KDE, and Squid. The CompileFarm functionality is also available via SourceForge OnSite for commercial developers.