Open Projects Net Expands

Open Projects Net (OPN) is a community infrastructure project that provides interactive facilities for support and project coordination to the free software and open source communities. The network has grown from about 100 users at its inception to nearly 3,000 users, doubling in size roughly every 5-7 months. However, the growth of OPN has meant that what started as a part-time job for founder Rob Levin is rapidly becoming full-time. To continue to grow, OPN needs to reach a user base large enough to fund a few full-timers through voluntary contributions. The network is looking for volunteer help in the form of coders, graphic artists and more users and projects. If you're looking for a place to put your interactive support or project coordination channel, consider that OPN has put in quite a bit of time to make its network a friendly, useful location for coordination with users and with other developers in the community.