Linux Enthusiasts Gather for Third Singapore Linux Conference

The third Singapore Linux Conference is set to take place in 2000, promising to be bigger and better than previous events. The conference aims to further research, development, and deployment of Linux, and bring together expert developers and successful directors from around the world. It will provide business users with a better perspective on how to harness the capabilities of an emerging operating system in their businesses. Technically savvy delegates can look forward to enriching experiences with power-packed tutorials and informative programs. The technology track features prominent speakers such as Richard Stallman, Greg Lehey, Richard Sharpe, Bill T Lee, and Harish Pillay. Program highlights include multimedia development in Linux, multilingual support, open source advocacy to Linux clustering in life-sciences. Whether you are an experienced Linux user or a newcomer, the conference promises to be an experience that will open you to new vistas of knowledge and network.