intraDAT and Altaprise Join Forces to Offer Complete E-Business Solution

intraDAT and Altaprise have joined forces to offer a complete e-business solution to their customers, with VShop - Europe's leading e-commerce solution for Linux - and Altaprise's microERP - an Enterprise Resource Planning solution for small to medium sized businesses. The integration of the two software packages will broaden both companies' software portfolio and provide a more complete solution to their customers. Altaprise's microERP system is a good match for VShop's qualities since it fully manages a company's back office business processes and has an electronic commerce-based architecture. Altaprise will also follow intraDAT's Public License, providing its software's basic package with open source code and having a full commercial version with advanced reporting functions and industry-specific modules. The partnership between the two companies is expected to help businesses achieve the highest ROI from their technology investments.