Linux USB Hits the Prime Time

The release of the 2.4 kernel for Linux has brought serious USB support to the platform. The Linux USB subsystem is integrated into the kernel and supported by most distributions, making it accessible to a wide range of users. Linux supports both UHCI and OHCI interfaces, allowing it to work with modern motherboards or PCI/PcCard slots. Linux 2.4 provides USB support for devices in the Human Interface Device class, including keyboards, mice, touchpads, joysticks, graphics tablets, and printers. It also supports the Mass Storage class, used by conventional storage devices like floppy disks and emerging standards like Compact Flash and Smartmedia. Linux provides scanner support through the SANE package and experimental support for USB networking devices. The Linux USB project is developing USB support for the Linux 2.2 and 2.4 kernels, with supporters including major companies like 3Com, APC, CATC, Compaq, Datalux, Iomega, Keyspan, Kodak, Netchip Technology, Sandisk, SuSE, and Y-E Data.