IOGEAR and Linux USB Project Collaborate to Speed Up Open-Source USB Devices

IOGEAR is working with the Linux USB project to deliver a 2.0 driver that will offer users higher performance peripherals and reduction in bandwidth bottlenecks. The Linux USB team is focused on building open-source USB support for the Linux 2.2 and 2.4 systems. IOGEAR's USB 2.0 technology will benefit both consumers and businesses that use USB products to provide a single technology to interconnect all desktop peripherals, such as keyboards, scanners and printers.

The second generation of USB products will offer users a 40 times increase in data speed for hardware attachments. As next generation USB products are now shipping, it is essential to create drivers to implement this advanced technology in any operating system. Linux provides experimental support for a range of USB networking devices. Support for other devices, including the various USB-to-USB products and USB to Ethernet equipment, is under active development.

For more information on the Linux USB project, please visit IOGEAR's compact desktop KVM products enable users to access multiple computers through one console, while its extensive line of USB and FireWire connectivity products allow peripherals to be easily attached. The company has consistently provided products that incorporate cutting edge technology, providing the end user with outstanding functionality and capability. As one of the only true manufacturers in the industry, IOGEAR has the ability to offer high quality products sold at a fraction of the cost. For product information, please visit For further sales or distribution information, please contact Joyce Lu at IOGEAR, Inc. Tel: 949 428 1111 Email: