Nokia and Loki Software Announce Agreement to Bring Linux Games to Nokia Media Terminal

Nokia and Loki Software have announced an agreement to make Linux games from Loki available on Nokia's Media Terminal, which combines digital video broadcasting (DVB), gaming, full Internet access, and personal video recording (PVR) technology.

The Media Terminal is expected to be released in Europe in early Fall. Both companies have committed to supporting the open source community by developing open tools and standards. Loki Software has developed open multimedia standards for gaming such as SDL, SMPEG and OpenAL, while Nokia has created the OST (Open Standards Terminal) platform for home entertainment applications based on open source technologies such as Linux, Xfree86 and Mozilla. The OST provides a platform for developing applications for a variety of electronic devices, with the first being the Nokia Media Terminal. This collaboration is expected to open up access to more Linux games from the comfort of the living room, and will further enrich the daily lives of people.