IBM iSeries Now Supports Linux with SuSE Linux AG as First Provider

IBM has announced the release of iSeries, the successor to AS/400, on May 25. SuSE Linux AG is the first and only provider offering a Linux operating environment for the IBM iSeries range. The new iSeries line of e-business servers provides complete foundations for the integration of Internet and critical applications from supply chain to fulfillment operations of any business. SuSE Linux on iSeries allows easy evaluation of Linux and is the perfect environment for development of Linux based applications.

With logical partitioning (LPAR), the iSeries can run multiple operating systems concurrently, such as OS/400 V5R1 and Linux. Businesses can use these features to operate services such as Webserving for Internet or intranet, firewalls, mail serving, or applications like databases and ERP systems. SuSE Linux on iSeries is ideal for consolidating heterogeneous server farms. A uniform IT infrastructure within companies does not only reduce immediate administration efforts but also expenses derived from development or purchasing of strategic software products. Thus, Linux can dramatically contribute to lower the running costs produced by large server farms. IBM appreciates SuSE Linux because of its availability beyond any hardware restraints and the technical competence of the partner. The PowerPC edition of SuSE Linux 7.1 (6 CDs, a 500-page manual, 60 days installation support) has been available since the beginning of April, directly from SuSE, from Business Partners, and in book and computer stores.