Linux Standard Base Reaches Final Stage of Specification Development

The Linux Standard Base (LSB) is in the final stages of the LSB written specification for Linux. The workgroup has published the LSB v0.9 written specification and is undergoing a 30 day Request For Comments from the public until Wednesday June 6th, 2001.

Afterwards, this draft will be submitted to the Free Standards Group for adoption. The LSB is built on pieces of existing standards that are widely used by the industry and supported by the development community. These include ELF & TIS 1.2, FHS 2.2, ISO C90 & C99, LFS 1.5, POSIX.1, POSIX.2, SUS (CURSES, XBD, XCU, XNS, XSH, XSH95), X base interface standards. Work is primarily being done by the development community and the major Linux distributions including Caldera/SCO, Debian, Mandrake, Red Hat, SuSE, and Trubolinux. Further contributions have come from IBM, Intel, Linuxcare, Metro Link, VA Linux and others. The goal of the LSB is to develop and promote a set of standards that will increase compatibility among Linux distributions and enable software applications to run on any compliant Linux system. The LSB is but one of several open source standards efforts run by the Free Standards Group, a nonprofit organization founded by community developers to accelerate the use and acceptance of open source technologies through the application, development and promotion of standards. Note: Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.