Bynari Inc. Announces New Line of Messaging and Collaboration Products for Linux Desktops

Bynari Inc. announced the availability of a new line of messaging and collaboration products called Insight, which allows Linux and UNIX desktops in the enterprise to play in the same game with other popular messaging products such as Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes. The new Insight client interoperates directly with Outlook without requiring a proxy, providing a unique capability in the industry. Bynari's primary target market for Insight is Fortune 1000 companies which have a population of Linux or UNIX-based technical/engineering employees who need to interact with their Windows PC counterparts who use Outlook with Exchange server. The company also announced its Insight client-server solution, consisting of Insight clients and Bynari's Insight Server, which provides a world-class Internet standards-based messaging and collaboration solution for Unix and Linux networks. Insight products can be purchased via the company's Web Shop at or by contacting Bynari Sales at (800) 241-1086.