Aduva Introduces System Management Solutions for SuSE Linux

Aduva, Inc., a leading provider of network-based, automated system management solutions, today announced Aduva ManagerTM and Aduva DirectorTM for installations using the SuSE Linux operating system. The products, Aduva Manager for single systems, and Aduva Director for multi-system networks, address the growing need for critical system management tasks such as upgrades, patches and new hardware driver and software installations. In addition to SuSE, the solutions also support Red Hat Linux. The central foundation of the Aduva solutions is the Aduva Knowledge BaseTM.

The Knowledge Base includes conflict and dependency information on hardware driver, software, and kernel module components for Linux systems. The Aduva Director software is installed on the system's central administration server. A local software client is also installed on each individual system in the network.

The local software client maintains an up-to-date inventory and profile of all hardware, software and kernel module components and makes this information available to the system administrator. No user information is sent to Aduva so the solution is totally secure. The Aduva Manager software is installed on the individual system alone, but utilizes the same Knowledge Base and is also completely protected. To learn more about the Aduva Director, visit About Aduva: Aduva is the leader in network-based, automated system management solutions. Aduva reduces the time and effort required to successfully maintain and support complex Linux installations for Enterprise users and Linux support organizations. Aduva possesses the industry's most complete body of knowledge about Linux component information and has developed an extremely effective methodology for deploying that knowledge. Aduva helps customers maximize system reliability and reduce costs. Aduva employees are active members of the Linux community. The company was founded in October 1999 and currently has over 50 employees. Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, Aduva is a privately held international firm with offices in the US and Israel.