Lineo and ADS Announce Smart Handheld Device Development Platform

Lineo, Inc., a leading innovator in embedded systems, real-time and high availability solutions, has announced a collaborative effort with Applied Data Systems (ADS), a leading developer of RISC-based systems, to provide a smart handheld device development platform that incorporates Lineo EmbedixTM Plus for Smart Handheld Devices (SHDs) on the ADS Graphics Client Plus system. The platform is based on Linux and Java and uses the Lineo Embedix SDK to seamlessly integrate SHD solutions from Insignia, Trolltech and Opera Software. The Graphics Client Plus board is specially designed for graphics-intensive applications with on-board I/O requirements and includes a StrongARM SA1110 processor, up to 3 serial ports, on-board Ethernet, CAN and IrDA, PCMCIA, USB slave, 'smart' real-time I/O, and integrated flat panel and touch screen support. The platform provides manufacturers with a complete solution to quickly produce SHDs, PDAs and other information appliances.