Rekall 0.5 Release: A Personal, Programmable DBMS System for KDE is pleased to announce the 0.5 release of Rekall, a personal, programmable DBMS system for KDE. The objective of this release is to add more database support, namely direct MySQL and PostgreSQL, and to release the Python scripting functions as well as fixing bugs.

Our current timeline has a 1.0 release available in early October 2001. With Rekall you will be able to quickly and easily build database applications using Rekall forms and reports. A full complement of widgets means that applications built in Rekall will be able to have the look and feel of any other application. Rekall applications can be extended in their functionality to perform virtually any task via embedded Python as a scripting language. Ever since the release of dBase many years ago, the idea of a programmable DBMS has become increasingly popular. Major systems have been written in applications like Paradox and MS Access. By focusing on the database, users are able to leverage their business knowledge into working applications. One of the limitations of the aforementioned products is that their native database didn't scale well or support multiple users very well.

Rekall avoids this problem by dispensing with a native database. Most of the details for the project roadmap can be found at, but this is subject to change as we are constantly researching new features. This release includes a number of example files and is pre-packaged for a number of distributions. Please read the instructions on the download page. Thanks once again to our friends at Sourceforge for hosting the download files, discussion forum and tracking system at