New Release of Lire: Analyzing Internet Server Log Files

The LogReport Foundation has released a new stable version of Lire, an open source software that analyzes internet server log files. The new release includes numerous bug fixes and new features such as referer and useragent information for WWW services, which enabled the development of six new report types. The DNS service analyzer is also more flexible, supporting a wider range of log files. Lire is written in Perl and released under the GPL license. It can be downloaded from Lire has a pluggable design for both supported services and supported output formats.

It currently supports Linux platforms (RedHat, Mandrake, Debian) and other platforms (Solaris, OpenBSD, FreeBSD). The online report responder service is also available, which allows users to send their log files by email and receive a report back. The online responder currently only generates plain ASCII reports. For more information about Lire, please visit