Blue Linux Pushes for Linux Standards with Common Linux Installer Group

Blue Linux is making a push to help with Linux Standards by creating a Common Linux Installer Group (CLIG) that will design and develop a Standard for Linux Installers. The group aims to create a Linux Installer that will be GPL'ed and push distributors to move to this installation program. The reasons for this group are simple: as more users switch to Linux for workstations and servers, a common interface is needed for installation of many distributions.

This can help Linux grow and exceed what it is currently doing. For example, if User A installs a distribution and the boot disk does not recognize his/her CDROM drive, but another distribution recognizes it, a Common Linux Installer can avoid this issue. The group also aims to benefit smaller distributions that are strong in certain ways but lack installers to push into users' hands. Blue Linux is interested in founding this group because they do not want to waste their resources on developing a proprietary installer and not benefit the Open Source Community at large.