Rekall 0.6 Release: Personal, Programmable DBMS System for KDE has announced the 0.6 release of Rekall, a personal, programmable DBMS system for KDE. The objective of this release is to be feature complete prior to the conversion to Qt from KDE.

The company has also added an integrated debugger to the Python as well as fixing bugs. With Rekall, users can quickly and easily build database applications using Rekall forms and reports. A full complement of widgets means that applications built in Rekall will be able to have the look and feel of any other application. Rekall applications can be extended in their functionality to perform virtually any task via embedded Python as a scripting language. The project roadmap for Rekall can be found on, but is subject to change as the company continues to research new features. This release includes a number of example files and is pre-packaged for a number of distributions. The version on Sourceforge is a demo/testing verion. Rekall has finally hit the point of being a commercial product, with pricing at $79.95 for the physical package and $69.95 for the electronic package. With the next major release of Rekall, Windows support will be added and Mac OS X support will soon follow. About is a California-based company with developer teams in North America and Europe that fills a need in the Linux community for mass-marketed, quality Linux software by producing developer tools and desktop applications.