Linux Showcase and Conference Expands Program with XFree86 Joint Conference

The 5th Annual Linux Showcase and Conference is expanding its program via a joint conference with XFree86, which rounds out an already impressive program. The conference provides Linux professionals with intensive learning via three days of tutorials and 12 topic including Linux kernels, Samba Servers, Cryptography and Authentication, UNIX/Linux Network Administration, Perl, LDAP, Beowulf, KDE, GNOME, and XFree86 configuration. The program also touches broader topics such as the Free Software Foundation's presentation on Software Freedom, SAGU: Open Source Unified Management for Educational Institutions, and Protecting Trademarks on Software in an Open Source Environment.

Attendees are encouraged to discuss their projects in five minute presentations called Works-In-Progress, that have often spurred suggestions and new contacts from this active community. The XFree86 conference also features three workshop classes and presentations by rising stars including Sivan Toledo and Lars Knoll, two top Qt developers; Jonathan Blandford's presentation on how GTK+ 2.0 will be portability and extensibility to this important toolkit; Alexander Guy's important work in Linux for handheld devices and embedded systems; and XFree86 keynote speaker Dirk Hohndel, CTO of SuSE Inc., who promises surprises in his presentation. The conference is sponsored by the USENIX Association and the Atlanta Linux Showcase, Inc., in cooperation with Linux International. Detailed program and registration information can be found online at Press and analysts are invited to register for complimentary technical session passes by emailing Monica Ortiz at