Insignia Solutions Announces Embedix Plus PDA Platform Bundled in Sharp's SL-5000D Developer Unit

Insignia Solutions has announced that the Embedix Plus PDA platform, which includes Insignia's JeodeTM PDA Edition, will be bundled in Sharp Corporation's newly-available SL-5000D developer unit. The Zaurus SL-5000D platform is the first robust Linux/Java-based handheld from a major consumer electronics corporation and leverages Embedix Plus PDA, which includes Lineo Inc.'s Embedix Linux, Trolltech AS's GUI application framework, Opera AS's Opera 5 for Linux web browser, Jeode PDA Edition, and Trolltech's Qt Palmtop user interface and application suite. The Abstract Windowing Toolkit (AWT) in Jeode PDA Edition has been implemented to leverage Trolltech's Qt/Embedded and Qt Palmtop GUI technology. Insignia has also implemented a complete implementation of the Java Native Interface (JNI) protocol to allow developers to support platform-specific functionality through Java classes.