LynuxWorks Adds Hard Real-Time Linux to Product Line

LynuxWorks Inc. announced its intent to add hard real-time Linux to its product line, offering customers greater choice and a clear migration path for embedded designs. BlueCat RT will be based on licensed RTLinux technology from FSMLabs, which will be integrated with LynuxWorks' own BlueCat Linux. The integration of BlueCat with RTLinux provides a hybrid solution running on the same processor, with a majority of the application operating within Linux and a subset making use of the real-time performance of the RTLinux kernel. This addition to the LynuxWorks product portfolio provides developers greater choice in selecting the right operating system to meet their exact needs. The expanded product mix now includes: BlueCat, one of the industry's most preferred non-real-time embedded Linux distributions; BlueCat RT, the new hybrid real-time Linux distribution; and LynxOS, the industry's premier, linux-compatible RTOS based on open standards since 1990. Several key time-to-market benefits are derived for developers choosing to use the breadth of LynuxWorks' operating systems.

Easy migration path to next level. A key benefit of LynuxWorks products is that the operating systems are designed with open, standard interfaces. Customers can choose the operating system, based on capabilities and requirements, with the option to easily migrate or reuse that code with another LynuxWorks operating system. Shorten learning cycles. Developers have access to a common set of compatible commercial-grade development tools that work equally as well for any of the LynuxWorks operating systems. LynuxWorks' tools include: compilers, debuggers, kernel trace tools and analyzers, and integrated development environments.