RINA Accepts Delivery of Geometric Modeling Software for Leonardo Hull 3D Project

RINA, a major ship classification society based in Genoa, Italy, has accepted on-time delivery of the first set of geometric modeling software for the Leonardo Hull 3D Project (LH3D). The software was developed by Open CASCADE using its open-source components and application development tools and will allow creation of virtual 3D models especially suited to RINA's analysis expertise. These 3D models include ship geometry and structural aspects (such as reinforcements, plates and beams), which are used for the generation of a finite element mesh following calculation rules established by RINA.

After FEM calculation, RINA can validate ship design and verify whether it complies with classification rules. In addition, ship owners will be able to use the software to follow maintenance requirements during the vessel's life cycle. The key objective of the project is to develop an application featuring openness and integration with other software tools, data and processes. The application includes dedicated tools and functions that will optimize internal processes related to RINA's core business around passenger ships and ferries. Data will be integrated in a way that avoids repetition and provides consistency throughout the product life cycle. With Open CASCADE, RINA has direct control of the software through open-source access and the possibility of being able to use advanced modeling technology.