MyBooks 6.0: Affordable Accounting Software for Linux-based Businesses

Appgen, Inc., a premier developer of personal financial management, accounting and collaborative commerce platform software, has announced the launch of its latest version of MyBooks 6.0 for the Linux operating systems for $99. MyBooks simplifies the accounting function for small to mid-size business users and gives them the option to simultaneously conduct higher level eBusiness by plugging into the enterprise applications of larger companies like Wal-Mart.

MyBooks is available immediately for download at the Appgen website - The software was developed with the Linux community in mind and provides assured compatibility, flexibility and high performance in conducting collaborative business management. It offers a simple import function for users of QuickBooks products. It is modifiable with developer support, enabling users to tailor MyBooks to meet their own specific business needs. MyBooks is scalable and can serve a one-person office to a 100-user enterprise. The Linux version of MyBooks is a fine accounting application for the sophisticated small to mid-size business users that value Linux and have long sought a comprehensive core business software solution that is compatible and even portable.