MontaVista Software Announces MontaVistaTM Linux 2.1: The Next Generation of the Classic Embedded Operating Platform

MontaVista Software Inc., a company that powers the embedded revolution, has announced MontaVistaTM Linux 2.1, the next generation of its classic embedded operating platform. The product boasts unrivaled development support for embedded processor architectures and software components, targeting more than 20 processors from six industry-leading architectures. MontaVista Linux 2.1 also focuses on cross-development capability, with tools hosted on 14 host environments. The release includes updates for 75 of the applications already supported by MontaVista and adds support for a variety of open source tools retargeted for embedded cross development. Additionally, the product expands support for a variety of open source tools, including the first MontaVista development environment powered by KDevelop - an award-winning open source integrated development environment (IDE). The company has also significantly enhanced its customer documentation with new individual and customized "Quick Start Guides" for each supported board. MontaVista Linux 2.1 will be available in March 2002, directly from MontaVista Software and MontaVista's distribution channels worldwide.