PowerCockpit Software Developers' Toolkit (SDK) and New Release of PowerCockpit Server Provisioning and Management Software

Turbolinux has announced the general availability of the PowerCockpit Software Developers' Toolkit (SDK) and a new release of its award-winning PowerCockpit server provisioning and management software.

The PowerCockpit SDK enables developers to customize the functionality of PowerCockpit to meet the specific needs of their IT organization. PowerCockpit 1.1 adds new features, performance and scalability enhancements for both security and high-availability, including SSH Protocol 2 and extensible support for EXT3 and Reiser File Systems. With version 1.1 and the SDK, enterprises can now use PowerCockpit's technology to provision servers with less effort and in less time, an operational imperative in the current volatile economy. PowerCockpit offers customers dynamic server provisioning - a highly automated system for configuring, deploying, or redeploying Linux servers throughout the enterprise.

This represents a radical shift in the way servers are currently defined and creates enormous ramifications for every segment of the marketplace. For instance, IT managers can improve the security of their servers by using PowerCockpit to easily deploy the latest security updates to servers located around the world. Service providers can use PowerCockpit to rapidly reconfigure hardware assets to meet constantly changing demands -- web servers, for example, can become application servers in 10 minutes or less using just a few simple commands. PowerCockpit works with Linux distributions from Turbolinux, Red Hat, SuSE, and Debian. The SDK provides developers with instant access to internal interfaces and APIs (Application Programming Interface) which allows them to create new applications that link directly to PowerCockpit's capabilities or to embed PowerCockpit into other programs. With compelling performance results and key features such as the capability to develop new modules as third-party plug-in extensions to PowerCockpit, the SDK will allow developers to offer more extensive solutions to end users or remove selected features to create targeted software options.