LynuxWorks Expands Across Europe with Distributorship with Unique Memec

LynuxWorks has announced a pan-European distributorship with Unique Memec to expand its presence in Europe. The distributorship will provide consulting design services, sales, marketing, technical and commercial support for LynuxWorks products. Unique Memec's territory spans 15 geographical markets and the distributor will focus on selling BlueCat Linux into key embedded application sectors such as set-top boxes, network appliances and converging PDA and mobile phone designs.

The distributorship marks a major expansion of LynuxWorks across Europe, according to LynuxWorks' managing director of Europe, Middle East and Africa, Gerry Winckler. Unique Memec has strong existing relationships with ARM, Intel and Cirrus Logic, which enhances their ability to serve customers developing embedded applications. BlueCat Linux provides an environment that is not only open-source but also offers compatibility with a comprehensive set of open-source applications to reduce design effort, save costs, and cut time-to-market to a minimum. LynuxWorks also brings the additional advantage of an excellent tool suite and comprehensive set of standard applications. It's almost a complete solution out of the box.