LynuxWorks Launches JumpStart for Communications Package

LynuxWorks Inc announced JumpStart for Communications, a new industry solution package designed to streamline the development process in key vertical markets. The first package, JumpStart for Communications, is available immediately and addresses two major communications markets: intelligent optical networking and new world voice applications. The JumpStart developer packages are designed to help manufacturers get to market quickly with pre-integrated and tested software solutions that they can use as a base for their systems. LynuxWorks' JumpStart for Communications package contains state-of-the-art networking and routing technology, including an updated TCP/IP stack supporting IPv6, IPSec, integrated firewall and other features. The package also includes a block of consulting time, which developers can use for customising device drivers, protocol stacks and feature additions, or for OS porting to custom hardware architectures. LynuxWorks' High Availability Package (HAP) provides a framework for system developers to create highly available systems using capabilities such as a fault management framework, redundant systems slot (RSS) support, and full CompactPCI hot swap and warm domain fail-over support for I/O boards. The JumpStart package is built around the new LynxOS 4.0 operating system, which provides unparalleled hard real-time response, stability and open standard interfaces to meet the most rigorous mission-critical reliability standards necessitated by the demanding communications market.