Bynari's InsightConnector: A Viable Alternative to Microsoft Exchange

Bynari's InsightConnector allows Microsoft Outlook users to uncouple their dependence on Microsoft Exchange.

To test it, a user needs an IMAP server. However, many Outlook users need an Open Source advocate to help them through the merky waters of freedom. Bynari developed InsightConnector as a third-party plug-in written to the specification of Exchange Client Extensions. This plugin allows organizations to deploy IMAP servers, which offer higher scalability, increased reliability, and lower costs of ownership while providing the same features on which Outlook users have come to rely. Bynari also announced that its Linux and Solaris desktop messaging and collaboration solution, InsightClient will see a new release within two weeks. The Company says that Bynari's entry provides interoperability with Microsoft Outlook including server-side calendar sharing, meeting management, shared folders and the ability to interpret Outlook's protocols. Interested parties can find a trial version of InsightConnector for Outlook and the free Bynari Mail Server at the Company's download site.