SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 7 for IBM eServer zSeries: A New Era of Enterprise Computing

SuSE Linux announced the release of the latest version of its advanced enterprise operating system, SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 7 for IBM eServer zSeries. The new version is designed to run on IBM mainframes and provides state-of-the-art Linux technology with features such as HiperSockets, Logical Volume Manager, and journaling file system ReiserFS. SuSE Linux Enterprise Server is a business-optimized operating system that is actively maintained by SuSE for a guaranteed period of at least 24 months and offers investment security. The operating system supports all relevant hardware architectures and can be used as a single enterprise platform for all types of hardware, from PC clients to powerful host systems. This enables a uniform, rational administration of heterogeneous networks and reduces operation expenses for growing server farms. SuSE Linux Enterprise Server provides transparent interfaces for applications and middleware, directly based on the operating system, thus acting as a pacemaker for upcoming developments in the e-business segment.