T/bone SecureMail Gateway: A Server-Based Solution for Digital Signature and Encryption of Email Traffic

T/bone SecureMail Gateway is a server-based solution that allows digital signature and encryption for the entire email traffic of a company with a single organizational certificate. It works transparently for end users and automatically finds certificates of external users or companies in the internet. This makes it easy to establish secure email traffic to customers, suppliers, and partners, regardless of whether they also deploy T/bone or not.

The product is available for download for Debian, SuSE, and Red Hat GNU/Linux, as well as an installation CD. T/bone SecureMail Gateway encrypts and signs the whole email traffic of an enterprise with only one certificate - an enterprise or organizational certificate on a central server. As a 'virtual post office', it implements the real-world model of paper post office also for email. For end users, email security remains transparent, as they do not have to deal with complex key management and installation and operation of special email security software. There are high operation simplicity and cost savings in comparison to the usual market email security solutions. The product utilizes international standards such as S/MIME and X.509 and is also compatible to standard email client programs such as MS Outlook, Lotus Notes and Netscape Messenger.

New version 1.0.3 includes multi-threaded certificate search to improve performance and several bug fixes. Due to the property that T/bone finds automatically the certificate of every other T/bone gateway in DNS (Domain Name service), an encrypted email traffic is established automatically between all enterprises or organizations, which use T/bone. The product is suitable for digitally signing emails generated by eBusiness applications or systems.

Reference customers such as the Berlin Government and the Investment Bank Berlin use T/bone SecureMail Gateway successfully. For public schools and universities free licenses are available. The product can also be used free of charge without time limit for non-commercial purposes. Product evaluation for commercial purposes are time limited by 30 days. Information to T/bone SecureMail Gateway as well as the software to download can be found under the following address in internet: http://www.tbone-security.com/