New Linux-based browser for Palm users

For the last nine months, wireless Palm users have been browserless after the demise of their only browser.

Now, this void is filled by a fast, full-featured client/server using Linux. Linux Labs released the OpenMobility series of client-server browser applications today with VagabondTM for the Palm VII/VIIx, 705, and web-clipping PalmOS devices. The new browser is faster, has many new features, and is available for beta download as of today. VagabondTM's features include color support, HTML, WAP, i-mode, cookies, SSL, bookmark editing and exporting, hot-search, browser emulation mode i.e. IE5, Mozilla, etc.

), bypass gateway mode (web clipping only), editable gateway and home page, graphics on/off mode change by button, an advanced toolbar & history (toggleable), auto-fill in of URL prefix/suffixes, and selectable clipping size per page. The server-side of the application runs in Perl and MySQL and will be offered for both individual use and enterprise development. Linux Labs will be offering both server colocation for the server-side process, as well as shared hosting of the CGI/Perl on its shared Debian GNU/Linux Hostuniverse hosting system. The OpenMobility development team will be offering service contracts and development work for the software as well as engineering services of e-commerce and wireless database. The home page for VagabondTM can be found here. For questions or dealer inquiries, please contact