T/bone SecureMail Gateway: A New Solution for Digital Signature and Encryption of Email Traffic

T/bone SecureMail Gateway is a new product from bone labs that allows for digital signature and encryption of the entire email traffic of a company with a single organizational certificate. This server-based solution works transparently for end users and can easily establish secure email traffic with customers, suppliers, and partners, regardless of whether they also deploy T/bone or not.

The product is available for download on Debian, SuSE, and Red Hat GNU/Linux. Email security is a complex subject, with security functions and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and certificate/key management often being too difficult for the broad user mass to understand and use. T/bone SecureMail Gateway encrypts and signs the whole email traffic of an enterprise with only one certificate, making it easy to implement and operate. The product utilizes international standards such as S/MIME and X.509 and is compatible with standard email client programs such as MS Outlook, Lotus Notes, and Netscape Messenger. T/bone also automatically establishes encrypted email traffic between all enterprises or organizations that use it. Advantages of centralized email encryption include the ability to digitally sign emails generated by eBusiness applications or systems, making them easily verifiable by today's usual email client programs.

T/bone SecureMail Gateway is a standard program of the product series T/bone - Backbone of trust. The product has been successfully used by reference customers such as the Berlin Government and the Investment Bank Berlin. Free licenses are available for public schools and universities, and the product can also be used free of charge without time limit for non-commercial purposes. Product evaluation for commercial purposes is time limited to 30 days. Information about T/bone SecureMail Gateway and the software to download can be found on the bone labs website.