ARM Integrator Porting Platform Ships with BlueCat 4.0 and VisualLynux

The ARM Integrator Porting Platform is now bundled with LynuxWorks' BlueCat 4.0 Linux and VisualLynux Integrated Development Environment (IDE). This provides developers with a complete, out-of-the-box embedded Linux solution that includes comprehensive ARM9TM core processor and Thumb◦ family support. The Integrator/LPP1 platform is a complete solution using standard Integrator components along with PCI cards for video display and network interface. LynuxWorks' BlueCat 4.0 is the company's latest Linux distribution, which offers enhanced productivity and performance features. With VisualLynx, developers have access to a fully-integrated and tested cross development environment to rapidly facilitate specific development requirements. The Integrator family, part of the ARM RealView◦ suite of development tools, leverages ARM's unique experience in test chip technology to provide a range of flexible, high-performance development platforms that meet the needs of today's system-on-chip developers.