UnitedLinux: A New Standard for Enterprise Linux

The majority of enterprise system and software vendors have come together to support an initiative called UnitedLinux, which aims to streamline Linux development and certification around a global, uniform distribution of Linux designed for business. This will significantly reduce the number of distributions that vendors are asked to certify and provide a true standards-based Linux operating environment. Customers will benefit from the greater choice in applications and hardware certified to work on the uniform version of Linux, as well as the global sales, localization, education, support and services provided by all four UnitedLinux vendors. The collaboration of the four leading Linux companies will result in an enterprise Linux offering that supports multiple languages and platforms, including IBM's complete eServer product line, AMD's current 32-bit and forthcoming 64-bit processor-based platforms, and Intel's x86 32-bit and Itanium(tm) processor family platforms. The initiative is open for additional Linux companies to participate.