Storever Introduces New Line of GNU/Linux Laptops and Rack Servers with Built-in Online Backup

Storever, a service of Nexedi SARL, has introduced a new line of GNU/Linux 1U rack servers and laptops with built-in online backup. These products are designed for Free Software users and include laptops and 1U rack servers with Debian 3.0 or Mandrake 8.2 pre-installed. Online backup services, offline archive and hosting services can be subscribed for each Storever system sold on Storever online shop. The new product line demonstrates the benefits of Free Software and fills a gap in a market still dominated by forced sales of proprietary operating systems. Storever products are built on demand in Nexedi SARL's workshops and benefit from Japanese expertise. They can be bought online at and will be built, tested and shipped within 10 days, except if hardware components become unavailable on the market.