LynuxWorks Launches BlueCat RT, a Hybrid Embedded Hard Real-Time Linux Operating System

LynuxWorks has announced the availability of BlueCat RT, a hybrid, embedded hard real-time Linux operating system that offers a comprehensive solution for systems that only require real-time in a subset of their applications. The operating system integrates RTLinux/Pro technology and LynuxWorks' own BlueCat Linux, providing OEMs with an ideal combination of high performance and affordability for the development of quality, feature-rich products. BlueCat RT completes LynuxWorks' product offering, which covers the spectrum of performance requirements and costs for embedded operating systems, establishing a continuum between the major soft real-time BlueCat Linux and the hard real-time LynxOS for systems with complex real-time requirements. The compatibility between LynuxWorks' operating systems enables users to leverage their existing software and technology investments. The comprehensive toolsets available for BlueCat RT will be compatible with BlueCat and LynxOS, eliminating the learning curve and the need to purchase new tools when migrating between operating systems for differing requirements. BlueCat RT is now available as part of several bundle options. For more information, visit the LynuxWorks web site at: