LynxOS RTOS Seals the Deal for Terma A/S's SF300 Command Control System

LynxWorks Inc., a leading provider of embedded software solutions, has announced that it has supplied its LynxOS real-time operating system to Terma A/S, a Danish contractor updating the Royal Danish Navy Standard Flex 300 (SF300) command control and communication information (C3I) system. The only RTOS capable of satisfying all the project requirements, including binary compatibility with Linux-based application software and support for embedded Java & Java/C++ applications, as well as field-proven high stability, a well-developed tool chain and certification to the DO178B military software standard. LynxWorks was able to meet Terma's need for a real-time operating system to be binary compatible with the Linux-based MÄK battlefield simulation software system, in which the project had made a significant investment. The proof of concept was completed at LynuxWorks SA in France and the solution was successfully demonstrated to Terma developers. This clearly demonstrates the value of the LynxWorks philosophy, which places high value on adherence to industry standards and high quality tools, with performance and stability the prime consideration. The approach taken by Terma and the Danish Navy, and the strong interest that LynxOS 4.0 with its Linux ABI compatibility is receiving from the defence and other markets, shows the growing availability of Linux based software and the emergence of Linux as the leading open, multi-vendor standard for the embedded industry.