MandrakeSoft Awarded Contract to Equip Linux Server Software for French Government Agencies

MandrakeSoft has been awarded a contract to equip Linux server software to French government agencies and ministries. This new contract enables MandrakeSoft to provide Linux software and related services to an increasing number of government agencies. The adoption of Mandrake Linux is expected to have a powerful impact in helping to increase the quality of government while also providing MandrakeSoft an important boost in status.

The UGAP contract is guaranteed for a two-year period. Beyond the competitive pricing and quality products offered by MandrakeSoft, government agencies also benefit from these key factors: The range of products and services that have been selected include a priority for MandrakeSoft, reaching public markets, particularly the educational system, has long been a priority for MandrakeSoft. This new contract is a significant step forward in establishing MandrakeSoft as a trusted provider of Linux solutions to government agencies in France. The company provides a trusted interface between users of information technology and open source developers. The company has technologists in over 20 countries, and is traded on Paris Euronext Marché Libre (Euroclear code: 4477.PA; Reuters code: MAKE.PA) and the US OTC market (stock symbol MDKFF).