Desktop/LX InterConnect: A Simple Corporate Desktop with Outstanding Host Connectivity Tools

Lycoris and Ericom Software team up to offer Desktop/LX InterConnect, a simple corporate desktop with full office suite and outstanding host connectivity tools.

The new product offers a substantial cost savings to enterprises looking for an affordable alternative to restrictive licensing on the desktop. Desktop/LX exemplifies ease of use and has enjoyed glowing reviews from the technology press including MSNBCi and PC World. Desktop/LX is a unified desktop operating system based on Linux and features an integrated Control Center, Desktop Sharing, File Sharing, Network Browsing and more. The Desktop/LX Network Browser works like Network Neighborhood to give corporate users access to Windows server shares via the standard SMB protocol. The new Desktop Sharing ability starts a VNC session from the desktop with a single click and allows Desktop/LX remote assistance and administration over the corporate network. Included for the first time in Desktop/LX InterConnect is the Lycoris RDP client which allows simple viewing of shared Windows desktops using Windows Terminal Server's standard RDP protocol.

PowerTerm InterConnect Linux Edition is Ericom Software's proven host connectivity solution for organizations requiring fast and accurate access to legacy applications residing on IBM mainframe, AS/400, Digital, Unix, SCO, Data General, HP, Tandem and others. The ProductivityPak office suite and offers excellent Microsoft Office document compatibility while maintaining an open standard for data by using the project as a base. A full-featured word processor, spreadsheet, presentation maker, and drawing program make the ProductivityPak a drop-in replacement for Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Another exciting feature of the ProductivityPak is Lycoris PDASync, which enables users of Palm OS handhelds to synchronize the Desktop/LX personal calendar, to-do list, address book and memo pad with their PDAs. For the first time, corporations with mainframe connectivity and desktop needs now have a familiar, power, and affordable desktop alternative with Desktop/LX InterConnect.