LynxOS Integrates Open Sound System v3.9.7

LynuxWorksTM, Inc., today announced that 4Front Technologies' Open Sound System (OSS) v3.9.7 software is available for LynxWorks real-time operating system, LynxOS® 4.0. The solution is the first integration of audio capabilities to LynxOS, further enhancing the feature set available to customers designing mission-critical embedded applications in a real-time environment. The OSS solution will provide 100 percent compatibility for all Linux audio applications running on the LynxOS 4.0 operating system, offering developers the ability to integrate audio record and playback capabilities into new telematics applications for such devices as PDAs, medical instrumentation, and technologies for automotive use. OSS provides LynxOS with device drivers for popular audio chipsets and sound cards, including automatic sound card detection, Plug-n-Play support, support for PCI audio soundcards and support for full duplex audio. The LynxOS with OSS solution also complies with the Open Sound System API specifications, enabling quick prototyping and development of applications for new embedded products. This agreement will also allow LynuxWorks to penetrate new markets that require a sound-supported RTOS.