Virtuozzo 2.5: The Most Powerful Server Virtualization Software for x86 Processor-Based Servers

SWsoft has announced the general availability of Virtuozzo 2.5, a server virtualization software that is proven to have the highest scalability of any x86 server virtualization solution available. The software supports Intel Hyper-Threading Technology and can run up to 64GB RAM and 16 CPUs per virtualized server environment (VE). Virtuozzo has been tested on IBM and Dell hardware and has shown to be the most powerful server virtualization software for x86 processor-based servers. The software is used by hosting providers to power Virtual Private Servers (VPS) hosting plans, which increase revenue per customer and per server. New features of Virtuozzo include improved 'smart migration' of VEs, OS template support for Linux, performance enhancements, 2-level disk quotas, and improved journaling filesystem support. The software is now a complete product, fully usable for both providers and enterprises.