Linux.Conf.Au 2003 Registrations Now Open

The press release announces that registrations for Linux.Conf.Au 2003 are now open.

The conference is a national 'roaming' conference under the auspices of Linux Australia Inc and is being supported by CommSecure for its credit card processing. There are three main registration options: Professional, Hobbyist, and Concession. A professional registration gets you access to all events, including the Conference Dinner and the Professional Networking Session. A hobbyist registration is AUD$250, while a Concession registration is AUD$99. If you register with a Concession, you will be required to provide proof of eligibility on the first day of the conference.

Accommodation is available on The University of Western Australia campus at the University's own college accommodation, Currie Hall. Early registrations help determine how much money the conference has to fly in interesting speakers from around the world. As an incentive, one of the first 100 people registered will receive a copy of 'Just For Fun', by Linus Torvalds. The press release also provides information about Linux Australia Inc and the Perth Linux Users' Group Inc.