Quanta Gold: A Powerful Web Development Software for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X

Quanta Gold is a web development software designed for professional developers who need sophisticated project management abilities and all the features and hooks that a modern website needs. It supports a wide variety of syntaxes, including ColdFusion XML, PHP, SQL, Python, Perl, DTML, C++, Java, JSP, and HTML. Preview capability is available on Linux using Qt3, Mozilla, Konqueror, and Netscape, while for MS Windows it uses Internet Explorer. This new release has enhancements to the custom FTP transport for increased speed and reliability as well as enhancements to the CSS editor and text editor for features such as 'find in files'. QuantaGold is available for purchase or demo download from theKompany.com, a California-based company with developer teams in North America and Europe that produces developer tools and desktop applications for Linux.